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The benefits are good for computers using Windows 10

Meta: Windows 10 is considered the latest operating system of Microsoft and probably will be long after this, so using Windows 10 has many benefits or not?

After many years of experiencing many versions of Windows, Microsoft has decided today to consolidate to create the best, most comprehensive, easy-to-use operating system, which is the Windows 10 operating system. In 2015, the Windows 10 installation version was officially released to end-users by Microsoft after a series of trials. Currently, Windows 10 is stable and is in a breakthrough phase to universalize the whole computer using Windows 10. Although knowing that, there are some people due to technology going so fast they could not change or due to using too familiar with the old operating system, so it will be afraid to upgrade. However, the following article will point out the benefits when using Win 10 or not!

Free upgrade

Microsoft encourages people to upgrade to Windows 10 completely free/Ph.theguardian

As usual, the previous version of Windows if you want to upgrade will have to pay. However, with Windows 10 is the complete opposite, Microsoft encourages people to upgrade to Windows 10 completely free.

If you’re using a non-business version of Windows 7 or 8, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free for the first year of release (as of July 2016). If someday on your Windows screen appears the words “Get Windows 10” then congratulations, you can upgrade already. But this is how Microsoft “forced” users to upgrade to Windows 10, you will not be able to turn off the “Get Windows 10” message.

Good handling performance

Currently Windows 10 is complete, it is the Windows operating system with the best application and software optimization today. With the arrival of the latest DirectX, DirectX 12. This latest version brings many noteworthy features such as reduced power consumption, increased frame rates and more complete support for graphics effects advanced today. Newly released graphics card devices are definitely in the support list of DirectX 12, and it only works when you use it on a computer running Windows 10.

Especially the latest mode which is “Game Mode” is optimized frame and processing when playing games. When you open Game Mode, you also have game options such as returning to the screen with just a few mouse clicks.

Microsoft is really serious with Windows 10, they will equip Windows 10 for all laptops and computers in the future. So all old or new computers if you want to upgrade to Windows 10, you will not need to worry about driver problems anymore. Most new machines currently meet Windows 10, and Microsoft is trying to create a lighter version of Windows 10 so that low-power machines are still in use. The compatibility of the hardware is very important, it helps your computer run more smoothly, optimize the system, and every time you install Windows, you don’t have to search for drivers anymore.

Extremely good security

This is really proven when the majority of Windows 10 users no longer use anti-virus software. Windows 10 is currently the only product of Microsoft so it is very well taken care of, updates, security patches are regularly checked.

The default Windows Defender application found on Windows 10 has passed a recent AV-Test Institute test and shows that this application now better protects users against security risks. The most recent evidence shows that machines using Windows 10 are able to avoid malicious code, such as WannaCry ransomware, which is spreading around the world.

Modern easy-to-use interface

The user interface is the most important thing/Ph.VnReview

The user interface is the most important thing when asking whether you should use Windows 10 or not. Because it must be easy to use, user friendly, many people are afraid to upgrade to Windows 10 because of the ease of use, similar to the old version. And Microsoft has done a good job of this, through many comprehensive changes, but to suit everyone, there’s no point you don’t like it but believe it is the operating system of the future. Recently Microsoft also “teased” with Fluent Design interface extremely attractive.

Since its inception, Windows has always been the best choice for computers. The optimal operating system to upgrade now is Windows 10. Hopefully after this article you can learn a lot more about the benefits that Windows 10 brings to your computer.

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