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What is the best version of Windows 10?

Meta: The most updated and advanced version of the Windows operating system is Windows 10. But do you know that there are 7 versions of Windows 10? Let’s check them out!

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Windows 10 has been the best Windows operating system out there so far. It is definitely a great option for your computer. But there are different versions of Windows 10. So what is the best one? 

Why should you choose Windows 10?

Windows 10 is a secure, reliable and efficient operating system that comes with outstanding features and constant updates. Not only does it help you save time, but also protects your computer well. Windows 10 has its start menu and Edge improved, Windows Hello is much easier and faster. In addition, it comes with a useful Action Center, Cortana and timeline. However, its OneDrive needs more work and some changes or improvements cause problems.

Windows 10 is the best version of Windows operating system

Different types of Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with 7 versions. Each one is suitable for specific needs. Check out all versions of Windows 10 as below:

Windows 10 Home 

The Windows 10 Home is a basic version. Therefore, everyone will find it easy to use, especially basic users. It comes with most of the Windows 10 features, including the Cortana digital assistant, new web browser Edge of Microsoft which replaces Internet Explorer, Continuum, and integrated apps such as Photos, Mail and Calendar.

Windows 10 Pro

This version is for business and advanced users. As you can tell from the title, Windows 10 Pro is basically ‘Home’, but it is added with some extra features. IT professionals and business users would love to take advantage of this version. Not only does it provide more data protection, but also remote features, and cloud technologies. More importantly, it comes with the Windows Update for Business which allows users access to its advanced update rollout features like peer to peer delivery. With that being said, as an advanced user, you just want to use this version. 

Users can also use distribution rings to specify the devices that need to get updates first. That means when the updates are being tested, you won’t be able to do some areas of your business until it is done. This version also allows quicker access to security updates. 

Windows 10 Mobile 

This is the version of Windows 10 for smartphones and small tablets as it focuses on touch-centric devices. Windows 10 Mobile comes with main features like other versions, from the universal apps such as Photos and Mail, Continuum, and a new touch-optimized version of Office. The Continuum feature allows you to use your smartphone in ‘PC mode’. That means when you connect your small devices to larger screens, it is very convenient. 

Windows 10 Enterprise

There are different versions of Windows 10

This version is designed for large organizations. That’s why it focuses on security mainly. All the advanced features are to help protect against a wide range of modern security threats. In addition, the Windows 10 Enterprise would support  many different options for operating system deployment and comprehensive device and app management. It also comes with Volume Licensing, that allows customers to take advantage of the latest innovation and security updates.

Windows 10 Education

Windows 10 Education is for schools and academic systems. It is built on Windows 10 Enterprise, and aims to bring the best experiences for users, whether they are staff, system admins, teachers or students. 

Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise

This version of Windows 10 is for business phones and tablets. It comes with all the standard Windows 10 built-in apps that you see in the standard Mobile version. Besides, it offers security features and extra update management tools that you can find from the Windows 10 Enterprise. This version also allows you to access security and innovation features.

Windows 10 IoT Core

This version of Windows 10 caters for small, low-cost devices, including gateways and presumably digital signage.

The two versions of Windows 10 Enterprise can be used for devices like ATMs or handheld terminals. In general, the best version of Windows 10 might be either Pro or Enterprise. The main reason is because they come with the more advanced update roll-out features. However, these two versions take up a lot of space and need powerful devices to run. Therefore, most users opt for Windows 10 Home as they just need basic features. 

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