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What role does VPS play?

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 Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a method of dividing a physical server into multiple virtual servers with similar features as a dedicated server, running as a resource sharing from the original physical server.

What is the VPS used for?

Today VPS is widely used in businesses. But usually, VPS is used for the following needs

Game server

For new games, investors will often attract millions of hits every day. So they need a server system with large capacity and tremendous processing power.

Therefore, hiring VPS is one of the best solutions for these businesses to invest in their gaming products.

Multi-service website hosting

Systems such as sales websites, e-commerce websites, forums, and high-traffic websites always need a stable server system.

Therefore, hiring VPS helps to save maximum investment costs for the server, management staff, the location of Data Center installation, etc. But at the same time, there are powerful server systems and full features meeting and meet user needs.

Platform Development

With the development of technology on smartphones or tablets, more and more widely; Platform development such as operating system, App applications on operating system need a centralized place to store.

The data need to be stored includes:

  • Setup file
  • User information
  • Transaction history
  • Picture
  • File storage

Therefore, the development of Platforms requires large server power to store information. For investors, the choice of VPS hosting is the best and most economical form of investment.

Server for enterprise email systems

Businesses today also need resources to manage the sending and receiving of internal emails.

Running live media programs, today’s online media programs need a good, stable source of storage. Although not too many, data types need to be imported and accessed continuously.

VPS is a perfect investment, both reliable and economical.

Data storage (Documents, Photos, Videos)

Companies specializing in image and video processing are among the subjects that need to use VPS the most.

They need to use VPS types with high storage capacity to make a reasonable investment without using other mobile storage devices, both of which are difficult to control or damage.

Create virtual environments for programming, virus analysis, research

A lot of companies invest in scientific products such as software, applications, websites, etc. They also need their own storage space for their experimental applications and products.

Using a physical server is quite expensive. Therefore, choosing the form of hosting investment through VPS hosting systems is the most effective and economical.

Advantages of VPS?

  • Easily customize resources, as long as the limit of physical servers allowed.
  • From a physical server, you can create many VPS. Saving money on hardware investment, electricity running the server, installation space …
  • Checking and running will be easier because many VPS can be concentrated on one server system.
  • There are CPU, Ram and Hard Disk Space configurations, not shared as shared hosting.

Disadvantages of VPS?

  • VPS is affected by the operation and stability of the physical server that creates it.
  • The use of a shared physical server makes your VPS dependent.
  • It takes time and money to upgrade resources and cannot expand much.
  • The operation and performance of VPS is not effective as expected.

What types of VPS are on the market today?

When starting to buy or rent a VPS, you need to clarify with your provider whether it is a Managed VPS or an Unmanaged VPS.

What is Managed VPS?

Managed VPS is a form of providing VPS services to customers along with administrative services. Administration services here include installing / consulting everything about VPS that customers need. At the same time optimize the performance and security for VPS.

Often Managed VPSs have a higher price because administering VPS is not easy. Managed VPS is suitable for people who do not have administrative skills but still need to use VPS.

What is unmanaged VPS?

With Unmanaged VPS, the provider only ensures that VPS does not suffer downtime or other root server issues.

With this service, things like installing webserver, configuring software, security, you have to do it yourself. And you are also responsible for your own settings.

Unmanaged VPS is quite cheap. So you should only use Unmanaged when you have knowledge of VPS. For those who have knowledge of VPS, Unmanaged is the ideal place for you to practice knowledge.

All in all, it can be said that VPS will be the solution to meet your needs even when the budget is limited and you cannot invest in physical servers.

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