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Apps that help keep your computer secure should you know

Meta: Computers are very important tools for many people, so their security is always taken care of. What applications do you know protect your computer?

Security applications include application packages to help protect the computer comprehensively when used. Computer security applications may have different names but they all have a common purpose of ensuring the security of information and data of users when using computers for work, study, and entertainment on the Internet as well as exchanging data via the LAN network, via USB,… So what are the applications that will help secure your computer?

Software for freezing hard drives Deep Freeze Standard

Deep Freeze Standard is not anti-virus software, it is just a data encryption application (to help freeze your hard drive), to keep your data safe.

Deep Freeze Standard is just a data encryption application/Ph.malavida

All newly installed applications and data are only saved when you temporarily turn off this application, and all unauthorized installation software that you do not know will not be saved after restarting the computer.

Therefore, you no longer need to worry about being infected by viruses or any additional toolbars or ads installed while using your computer.

Key features of Deep Freeze Standard software:

  • Small capacity and easy to install
  • Restore the operating status of the machine as it was after each boot
  • Compatible with all different applications.
  • You can set the freezing mode for one or more hard drives.
  • Support password setting mode to ensure safety

Antivirus software copyright Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security antivirus software is a product of famous Kaspersky. Kaspersky Internet Security is a comprehensive security solution for Windows computer users, Kaspersky can quickly remove viruses, trojans, malware, hackers, and other malicious software from the computer.

Key features of the Kaspersky Internet Security security application:

  • Two-Way Firewall feature helps prevent hacker attacks.
  • The Application Control feature prevents dangerous applications from damaging your computer.
  • Trusted Applications Mode ensures that only trusted applications are allowed to run on the computer.
  • The Change Control feature helps prevent unwanted program installations and changes browser settings.
  • Safe Money feature helps protect data when making financial transactions online.
  • The Private Browsing feature helps prevent web browsing habits and protects your personal information.
  • My Kaspersky feature allows safe management of all devices from anywhere via the Web.

Microsoft Security Essentials security application

Microsoft Security Essentials is a security application built into Windows as soon as you finish installing Windows. Microsoft Security Essentials helps you prevent unwanted software, applications, and files on your computer.

Key features of the security application Microsoft Security Essentials:

  • Help protect the computer comprehensively from spyware, trojans, Spyware completely free.
  • Support on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Support 33 languages
  • The ability to update automatically

AVG Internet Security antivirus software

AVG Internet Security is the solution to help protect your system safety/Ph.Chiasesuutamblog

AVG Internet Security is an anti-virus software with very fast scanning speed, alerting and blocking when users access malicious links. AVG Internet Security is the solution to help protect your system safety.

The salient features of AVG Internet Security:

  • The File Shredder tool supports permanent deletion of sensitive data and information from a computer
  • Data Safe virtual drive helps protect personal files
  • With tools AVG Do Not Track, AVG Identity Protection, Anti-Spyware, AVG WiFi Guard help prevent data theft.
  • AVG Firewall helps prevent hackers from collecting personal data
  • AVG Anti-Spam feature helps prevent spam and phishers online
  • The AVG Online Shield feature helps block unsafe files and links
  • The features AVG Turboscan, Game Mode, AVG Smart Scanner help the computer launch quickly
  • AVG Accelerator tool helps speed up web surfing

Online antivirus software Bkav Pro Internet Security

Bkav Pro Internet Security is a well-known antivirus application in Vietnam, this is one of the best computer security software pioneering in the use of cloud computing technology and Bkav Pro also achieved international certification VB100 due to  Virus Bulletin certification organization.

BKAV Pro software is a commercial version, so you must buy the license to be able to use its full features. In addition, the free version of Bkav Home also offers users advanced protection features.

Advantages of Bkav Pro version:

  • Remove metamorphic virus and anti-spyware Anti Keylogger
  • Remove rootkit and behavioral interception technology, usb protection, personal firewall, anti-explosion technology.
  • Safe Run mode helps protect your system when accidentally opening a virus file or a website containing malicious code.

The security of your computer is very important. Try to find appropriate security software or applications to protect your personal data or information. Hopefully the above sharing will help you in your search.

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