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What should we notice when hiring VPS?

Meta: Today, virtual servers are widely used in both big businesses and small business models. However, not many people and businesses know about the important factors in hiring VPS to use in their work effectively. 

After using Shared Hosting for a while, a lot of users realize that the website is overloaded when traffic increases. In this case, VPS is a perfect alternative solution. The load capacity of VPS is very good in comparison with Shared Hosting. Moreover, the cost is much cheaper and is affordable to most users. So, what should we notice when hiring VPS to use?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a form of a virtual server, created by dividing a physical server into many different servers with similar features as a dedicated server, running as Share resources that original physical server. We should consider carefully before hiring a VPS. Below are some main factors. 

Factor 1: Is VPS managed or not?

With Shared Hosting, you do not have root access to the server; however, the entire virtual server will be handed over to you when using VPS. Therefore, you will need someone to manage the server. 

If you are a manager, you must always ensure that your server will work reliably and consistently. In case the server software fails or security problems penetrate the system, you must address that issue directly. So, if you are knowledgeable about how the VPS server works, you do not need to buy additional administration services or hire more people to manage. 

Nowadays, VPS is used widely to support people in their work

If not, you should learn more about the price policy and supplier preferences before deciding to rent the product because the price range for VPS will vary between vendors and the criteria are different between service packages. 

Factor 2: Windows or Linux

Server’s operating system is another factor you need to carefully consider. Actually, Windows and Linux are two common operating systems of the VPS server. Linux is open-source software and is cheaper than Windows. Servers on the Linux platform are also flexible and support more types of applications. 

Therefore, Linux is a good choice in most cases. However, there are still some applications that are better supported on Windows. So, if you intend to install or use those applications, you should choose to use VPS on the Windows platform. 

Factor 3: Server configuration

Server configuration plays an important role in affecting the speed of your website or application. Users should consider some questions: how much RAM will be used? What type of processor should be used? How much hard drive capacity will be used? and so on. 

Moreover, cracking a VPS is extremely difficult. You also should notice that the server has more powerful hardware and a more modern CPU does not mean your VPS will run faster. Depending on the provider’s resource sharing policy, you should consider redundancy, the core CPU, and the maximum speed allocated (in GHz).

Factor 4: Redundancy and expansion

Redundancy means having an available reserve resource, especially in the data center. If a power failure occurs, the generator and the UPS system should be prepared. If the ISP’s service is interrupted, then some alternatives should be prepared. If the server is overloaded, other servers should be prepared. 

Users should consider carefully before hiring VPS.

These two factors contribute to more stable system performance, avoiding a web crash. 

Factor 5: Permitted bandwidth flow

Most VPS service providers impose a certain amount of bandwidth on your server. You need to pay if you want more. In case you choose a web hosting VPS, make sure you do not pay too much while the basic service pack has met the needs. 

Factor 6: Customer support

Although you rent the best type of VPS server, which is operating stably, some small problems will still occur during the using period. In such situations, you need support from the supplier to solve the problem. If the supplier cannot provide 24/7 support, this causes huge harm for you. 

If your server has a few issues which make your website inaccessible, you may lose many potential customers because you have to wait for the supplier for a long time. In this case, you should check with your service provider’s customer support team before deciding whether to pay them or not. 

Actually, VPS is a server that is very familiar to web developers, web designers, webmasters, game developers, programmers, and so on. However, using high-quality VPS hosting or renting a server is not as simple as using shared hosting. It requires certain knowledge and techniques, similar to managing a server. Let’s equip enough knowledge to take advantage of modern technology.

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