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How to install and use the easiest VPS?

Meta: VPS is a form of personal server hosting service quite popular in the world today. In this following article, we will guide how to install and use VPS in a simple and fastest way. Surely VPS (Virtual Private Server) has been too popular for not only technology professionals but …

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What should we notice when hiring VPS?

Meta: Today, virtual servers are widely used in both big businesses and small business models. However, not many people and businesses know about the important factors in hiring VPS to use in their work effectively.  After using Shared Hosting for a while, a lot of users realize that the website …

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What role does VPS play?

Meta: What is VPS? What are the uses and features of VPS? Find the answer in the following article  Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a method of dividing a physical server into multiple virtual servers with similar features as a dedicated server, running as a resource sharing from the original …

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